Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink…

Isn’t that along the same lines as finding the right Teacher?
The internet is full of them, but which one is right for you?

To me, I need someone, who takes the time to find out
who the heck I am.  From there, comes up with an approach
built on that knowledge and insight.  That’s how I taught, so
I know it works.

However, when you’re teaching many, it makes sense to work
from a basic and solid structure.  It’s when you can Tweak it
for an individual, that you get that perfect approach going on.

And of course you know, I’m leading up to someone…
Yup, Derrick Van Dyke.  And why not, he learned how
from me:) Yes, he’s my son and I home-schooled him.

So, I shouldn’t go on about his greatness, you just may
not believe me.  I can say that he’s focusing on product
creation to the launch pad.

Once I learn enough, I’ll definitely be taking on that
teaching role, passing on everything I learn online.

Ahh, but alas, the time is not here for that. You’ll just have
to wait….just kiddin’ around…haha

The one I recommend is Derrick.  He is easy to get to know
and you can be assured that he will Tweak things for you…
He’ll even make a video for you if you need specific help.

“Digital Profits Academy” is the place and there’s a cool
skype group to join.

Check it out for an amazing introductory price.  Oh, you
can join for a dollar,  just to see what you think.



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