My Very first Post on this site…

( Check out what I added )

“Money Can’t Buy Me Love” No, No, No.

But it Fits just Like a Glove…

I Spent Most of my Life, Thinking that Money Should Not Exist…that it only caused problems.

Well, I Finally came to Realize that Money is a Means to a

Clarity of Mind and an Opportunity for Self Obedience.

I have the Space to Focus on Health, Food, Shelter,

my Pets and Gardens. Did I Mention, my Family

and Me? It makes it Possible to Put my Life

in Order; Things like Priority. All this is

Clarity of Mind and Self Obedience;

Taking control of what I Need to;

What is Better Than All That?

I like Money and Why Not.

I Just Gotta Have It:)

Yes, Yes, Yes…..

We All Do,




TWO Years  Later…February 16,2013  And Now…I want to add something!

Above, I wrote…

‘Money is a Means to a Clarity of Mind and an Opportunity for Self Obedience.’

But, what about getting the money for that Clarity and Obedience?

Too often, we say stuff like, “When I have money, I’ll be happy”

But really, we must be happy, then the money or whatever it is that we need/want, comes.  Not the other way round!

It’s matching up with what we want and need!

I’ll keep adding to this one…LOL