How to Quit Your Old Job and Make a Living Online


There’s a lot of talk about quitting that old job and starting a new one online.  But how and where to begin?   As far as quitting the old job, there are a couple of ways I’ll mention.  Stop “Cold Turkey” or do it gradually.  I did it the first way.  There’s been a bunch of bumps in the road, but my solution to that is to focus on the smooth parts.  I made that commitment when I realized that people too often exclaim about the rocks in the way and don’t even smile or say a dang word, when things are easy and running well.

Okay, starting the new job; that’s the focus here.  I want to give you an Overview of the basic elements or ‘Ground Rules’ for beginning a living online and specifically, in the internet marketing (IM) niche.

I want to provide you with only what is necessary, at the starting point, because every successful marketer keeps it simple, using just the basics, leaving nothing to chance…no shortcuts, just straight to the point and earning a living online.

And if you want to make money, you will need to know what those basics are and how to use them.
So, I will be presenting the “how to” of those basics, as well.


Part One: “The Niche”

Does it Matter Which One? 

Almost every “marketing expert” will tell you “No” and that you can make money in any niche.  ‘Golf’ and ‘dog training’ are prime examples you’ll get from them.  But think of this:  Those same marketers are making their money by selling you on a course about making money online.

They are in the MMO or IM niche, not golf or dog training.  And yet, they tell you follow what they do.

Sure, you could write and sell an eBook on dog training, for $9.95…but how many would it take to make 100K a year (a six figure income)?

You would need to sell 10,050 eBooks 🙁

And if you wanted to scale up…how many people would buy a monthly membership at say $27 to $47 about dog training?  What if you wanted to sell a group coaching program for $397?

Plus, to earn at least $100,000. per year, you need a monthly income of $8,333.  And to do that online, you’ve got to solve some real problems for some real live people, desperate for a solution…folks who,  are willing to do almost anything to get it and get it fast!

Sure, I can clearly say, I’ve needed solutions to my dog training issues, but desperate?  And even if you found some who were, do you seriously think there are enough to get your six figure income goal in place?

Lucrative Niches

The niches that will bring you the most money are related to these markets:  relationships, health and wealth.  You can make money in ANY lucrative niche where videos tutorials, ebooks, audio courses, webinars, software, or services like email marketing and hosting providers are involved…selling information.

It is my opinion that the Personal Development niche is very lucrative, but the Internet Marketing (IM) niche is, by far, the most profitable of any other online, which is why my focus is there.

There are more people crowding through the web gates to get into that niche.  They are the most desperate, seeking a  solution that will bring them the “Internet Lifestyle”, they’ve heard so much about.

But to achieve that, those people need guidance.  But to do that, their challenges must be discovered.  Then the solution comes.

Part Two – The Solution with the 4 Ps in 5 Steps

Find the Problem + Find the Solution + Get the  Proof + Offer the Product = >>>Profit for All:)

Here’s how it works::

1. Look at the problems you’ve had in your business and then look for a group of people in your niche, who are desperate for a solution to one common ‘Problem’, preferably one you have encountered.

2. Find a Solution you’ve either developed or found along the way that you applied in your business.

3. Give them the ‘Proof’ you’ve documented. that it will clear up their problem, as well.

4. Offer the Product that reflects the Problem, Solution, and the Proof.

5. Resolving their situation brings ‘Profit’ for them and you.

Let’s get into this with more detail.

Find the problem…Your search should begin with yourself.  Look at the challenges you’ve had like, having trouble creating a high converting squeeze page, how to get Facebook friends to your blog and then to your email list.  It could  be something as basic as building a website with WordPress or as intricate as creating a software.

Find the solution…The one you decide on must be one that you know, one you’ve learned and applied. Too many marketers think, “Heck, I’ll figure it out along the way.” and take a shortcut to Glory…so they think.  This is to their failure, as eventually, the truth is discovered.  And the worst of it is, no one has been helped with their fake and flimsy guidance and so-called solutions…least of all, themselves.  So, “Teach Only What You Know”.

Get the Proof…Once you’ve decided on the problem and your solution, focus on applying that solution to the problem and in your business.  If you had decided on a problem that you have not experienced (new challenges pop up more and more now) then apply it to your business anyway.  See if and how it works for you.  Ask others to use your chosen solution  in their businesses and then provide you with the results, which can lead into testimonials.

Screen shots and testimonials of conversion rates and financial success are real proof.  You can do an internal launch with a selected JVs to help with getting that proof.

Remember this FACT:

People can be taken advantage of, but in time, most will look and see ‘no proof ‘

But, if you are a person of integrity, you are easily able to provide the undeniable proof required, because you have learned and applied the solution to the problem. You are prepared to teach and guide those desperate people.  The best part is, they will come back for your entire system.

Offer the Product…You have discovered a problem many people have.  Then you found a solution to solve the problem.  You app;lied it in your business and asked a select group to do the same.  Finally documentation of the findings is in order.  This is the proof you need to show your success to the public.

So what you now have, is a  Product to offer the public.  A product made up of a Problem, a Solution and the Proof that the Problem is Solved by applying the Solution that you found.

Profit for All… After everything you’ve done with determination and passion, you are now ready to receive the Profit’ you and all involved deserve!

Here’s my example:

4 years ago, I could not create a squeeze page and back then, OptimizePress was the only method to use…I couldn’t use it easily, so I asked my son, Derrick Van Dyke to make them for me.  He got tired of that pretty quick, as you can imagine.

So here’s what happened.  I asked him this, “What if a WordPress plugin could be made that would create squeeze pages, is that possible?”  He said, ” Sure, just go and outsource it”  Well, I didn’t know how to do that, so he made it for me.  BOOM! WP Optins was created.  We both profited from that solution to a problem I had and as it turned out, many others shared the same challenge.

Today, there are TONS of page makers, too many to choose from.  But you see how that worked?  Derrick and I Provided the solution to my problem, applied it to my business and his.  Then offered it the masses We gave the proof Proof that it worked for us and would solve their problems as well.  Everyone Profited!

I leave you with this…“You simply need to help people achieve what they’re already trying to do.”
…quote by Derrick Van Dyke

Resources and Tools  my recommendation for a solid autoresponder
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“WP Sales Copy”  I use this plugin for my sales funnels and any page I create, including sales pages, bonus pages, JV/affiliate pages…It’s a dependable and cost effective software.

“WP Gold Member” ~ This creates membership sites for your long term business, whether for promoting affiliate products or those of your own.


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