What You May have Missed in the “Extreme List Building System”

WARNING: Before reading this post…there’s ‘WORK’ involved. But it’s the kind of work required for becoming a “Super Affiliate” and then leading to a “Product Creator”. Okay here goes… You need a Good Sales Funnel, to “Attract Bees to the Honey Pot”. I know for a fact to do that profitably, is a tough go. I also know that every affiliate …Read more

How to Quit Your Old Job and Make a Living Online

  There’s a lot of talk about quitting that old job and starting a new one online.  But how and where to begin?   As far as quitting the old job, there are a couple of ways I’ll mention.  Stop “Cold Turkey” or do it gradually.  I did it the first way.  There’s been a bunch of bumps in the road, …Read more