No More Scraps…

Is it worth it to be making a measly few dollars online, while all the
super-stars throw out the scraps, giving…you little reward for all your work?
What’s really going on here?

It’s like the King and Queen Days, the Rich and the Poor..

Anywhere you go, there are people feeding you those scraps to keep
you happy right where you stand, waiting for more.


I state that truth to you, because, we don’t have to Go for the Scraps,
anymore. It’s not every successful marketer, who acts that selfishly,

Thank “God” that.

Yes, there are a few out there, who make lots of money and yet willing
to share their knowledge.

Why?  Because the world is changing for the better, I see it, Don’t you?

Here’s the Crux of it, as I see it:

You can be successful, sharing your knowledge with others so they become
successful, as well.  It doesn’t mean they are stealing from you, if you share.
You are stealing from them, if you don’t share that knowledge, yet giving them
that old Cliche we hear so often…”Nothing Held Back”.

Oh man, do we want to believe that? Yes, we do!  The truth is…there has Always been
Enough to Go Around. And folks are seeing it more and more, everyday!

Now, imagine a Real guru-type marketer willing to tell you absolutely every
little thing you need to know about–one of most important aspects of our
internet marketing industry:-)

Yep, it’s email marketing, my other favorite, because it’s hooked in so
tightly with List Building!  Picture someone taking you by the hand,
showing you, step-by-step, how you can be a Super-Star too.

Why the heck Not?

Now picture ~ yourself being an EXPERT at email campaigns and making
the amount of money you need to be simply comfortable, able to pay your
bills with ease…at the touch of a button!

If you can and really do want that dream, the internet lifestyle, then
keep watching for the Honest ones…and Never give up the Faith!

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