First TWO Weekends of MAY…10am – to 4pm Each Day

House Plants…various sizes:

Chlorophytum Comosum (Spider Plants) green and variegated
Aloe Vera
Christmas Cactus – good sized starts

Angel Wing Begonias
Sansavieria (Snake Plants)
Tradescantia (green Wandering Jews)
Geraniums (as House Plants- are flowering and wintered over)

Garden Plants…including young trees:

Tamarac, 2 feet…$10.
Douglas Fir, 1-2 feet…$7.- $10.
Willow, 5-6 feet…$10.
Lilacs, about 2-3 feet…$5.

PLUS you’ll find...Luneria baby plants…(the Money plant
children love) Zucchini, Cucumber and Beef Steak Tomato plants (a bit small but can be planted soon)

I’m planning to have Raspberries and Blackberries too Coronaria, Lungwort, some Catmint starts and a few
more surprises. Looking forward to your visit!!

Karin Haworth… >>Check Out the Clearance Sale<<<

15505 E Nelson Rd Elk…Call for directions 509-842-7745

Below are some photos…(sorry for the “PORTRAIT” Bit)