Build Your List and Keep it Warm

I have gone around and around…upside down over and under.
And it all comes down to TWO THINGS…

1…Creating a High Converting Sales Funnel
2…Creating strong relationships between you and your readers

As far as the Sales Funnel goes,  you have to have two great products-
one to sell and one to give away.  Then you must create the squeeze page,
the thank you and download page and the sales page.  You can outsource
all of it or part of it or buy a page maker…

I could go on about this subject ’til the cows come home, but the main thing
is this:  Without a Sales Funnel, no List Building method will work.
That said, start there, then go for the Solo Mailings and Ad Swapping etc..

Okay, for the Relationship bit…once you have the readers, how do you
keep them from giving you the ‘Cold Shoulder’ ?  Now, I don’t want
you to be…put off about a little Zen Philosophy…but do check out the
quote below

“be what it is that you are seeking”
a quote by Dr.Wayne W. Dyer

I just read that this morning and suddenly realized that…creating
the kind of relationships I want, is my responsibility.

Now I’m not talking just about the ones in my immediate world
or in my town.  I’m thinking of across the board…people on my list.

Those folks are as real as my relatives.

Okay now, Think about this one:
“help them do what they’re already doing”
a quote by Derrick Van Dyke

If I want subscribers to be responsive to me and interested in what
I have
to say, then applying the quotes above will work like this…

I need to be responsive to them and interested in what they
have to say….”help them do what 
they already doing” and
that will help me in the same way!

Here are a few ideas for blog posts and email messages:

Ask your subscribers’ for links to their blogs.

  • Create videos and/or write stories and interview about successful people
  • Put together some tips for success
  • Ask your subscribers to do a survey.
  • Give gifts that are useful to what they are doing.
  • Write about your life and even your family…eg.,your dog


Oh, and what about being responsive and interested in subscribers yet to come?

Do some ad swaps and solo ads using useful offers
and get to know other marketers, for starters.

So, it comes out to be this…

1…Get your Sales Funnel together…I’m partial to WP Optins elite ~ I use it for all my pages

2…show you care about others and others will care about you. We’ve all heard that before…LOL  Gee, maybe there is something to it after all that’s said and done!

Now…What is it that you do, to build and keep your list warm?  Please share;-)

 Please leave a comment.


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