Create SHORT and VIRAL Videos that ROCK…VidBuilderFX

Tons of people are loving viral videos!  Why?

Usually because they bring JOY.  They laugh
and just feel good.

If we can make someone
feel good, they’re more
apt to buy from us –

– Right? Right!

Well, as long as it’s worthy of their time…of course!

VideoBuilderFX  takes care of ALL that.

Basically, you end up with a video where your
message reaches thousands of visitors,

Because your video is made from trending
videos, that are proven to be “Watchable”

So, your visitors are getting your message.
while they watch vids’…Is that Not Cool?

The way it works is this:

VidBuilderFX  fetches the best viral videos
online that are getting mega likes and shares
and free to use.

*All Based on Your Keyword*

Then you simply begin editing inside the software,
which is when your fun begins.

Just select the duration of your clip,
add text, calls to action,voice, intros,
outros, music, backgrounds etc.

…and put the video together.

You can then export it as a MP4.

Then within VidBuilderFX you can upload
directly to Facebook or schedule it for
a later date. That’s it!

You’re finished!

By the way, you can also do multiple vids
as easily as you can do just one.

Oh Yes, and this is HOT!

Facebook is about to roll out their
‘Video Advertising’

And you’ll be first in line to claim a slice
of it with this method in place!

Check this video and scroll down for my Bonses

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