List Building Expert
Karin Haworth started working online in 2010, several months after closing her fourth private school.  She taught school for 35 years and began one of the first Home-schools in the Northwestern part of the US.

Her three children, including her son, Derrick Van Dyke and his younger sister and younger brother, Rachelle and Liberty, were Karin’s first students.

😉 Now Derrick, whom she taught, teaches her.

Having been so active in the business world, Karin is a long time expert in the Public Relations arena and has an excellent understanding of Email Marketing  and List Building.

Her goals online include mastering WordPress, Video Creation and Product Creation.

Karin’s mentor is Expert Marketer, Derrick Van Dyke.  In exchange for his services, she assists him with support for some of his products. Her work  in the IM niche continues to expand  and develop with Derrick spurring her onward at every corner.

Karin’s words of wisdom on success are, “We live in a world of giving and receiving.  To stray from that is just creating that which is unreal…So why bother?  Through Mindfulness, one achieves that which is always ready and available to embrace. Success is our inherent right; therefore, we only need to acknowledge it “