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Highlights Are:
  • Best Ways to Get Traffic
  • Are they “Freebie Seekers” or “Curiosity Seekers”?
  • Is the Offer Helpful or is it Just for the Vendor?
  • My pick for Value (as I see it) so far this year, 2017
  • A few Resources


List Building is a lot of work…just like cutting and burning wood for fuel.
That’s one of my dogs…he knows how hard it is, just to watch:)

Your business needs fuel and that would be TRAFFIC..

– Best Ways to Get Traffic

You can get traffic from many different places,

But…what’s Realistic? And I’m not writing about advertising…
…that will be in the next issue.

Moving on, I asked the following question on Facebook,
last week:

What’s the Great Way to get Traffic?”

The best answers (other than the freeway:-)
were “ad swaps” and “affiliates”.

My favorite is ‘affiliates’ just because you’re getting buyers
and that’s what we want! So, how does that happen?

First, and I know this may sound too simple but…create a product
or find a good PLR offer and make it yours.

And right here, I want to state something that I feel to be important:

It actually takes a lot of thought, confidence and time.
I don’t care how many say, “You can do this in less than 2 hours.”

And maybe some can…not me. I’m a detailed thinker and I am a perfectionist,
so it takes a lot for me to do pretty much – anything creative. You may be

Whatever it takes to get an offer together, put it in front of affiliates.
I suggest Warrior+ or JVzoo.

And here’s a good place you can find a ton of free and worthwhile PLR products you can download: It’s a membership situation so you decide if it is worth it to you.

And that is Not an affiliate link :-)!!!

The other choice is ‘ad swaps’. Swapping offers with a partner is a great way to get leads. is perfect for finding quality partners. They have a built in traffic filter to keep it clean for you.  There is a monthly fee of $29.95.

You can also find people (for free) to swap with in groups on Facebook and Skype.

But wherever you find your partners, you are likely to be getting a lot of Freebie Seekers
with your lead magnet (free offer) but, don’t worry.

If you’ve got a good paid offer to direct them to, they can easily turn into buyers for you.

And that leads into the next ‘Highlight’ of my newsletter…

Are they “Freebie Seekers” or “Curiosity Seekers”?

When you are putting out a ‘Lead Magnet’ (like fishing with bait) in many cases you are receiving people, who seem to just want something  for “FREE”.

But, perhaps Something Else is Going On…let’s take a closer look.

The fact is, it is a natural process for people seeking answers, to be cautious and just take a nibble or test the waters, before jumping in.

So yeah, free can be a good way to help acquaint folks with what you may have to offer them later.  Let’s call them “Curiosity Seekers”, to be on the positive side of thinking.

Of course, there are those who just downright want a ‘handout’ without ever wanting to buy anything. But in reality, that’s silly, because how will they ever learn how to get ahead? Let’s just not go there.

Because if those folks choose that route, let them. We are focusing on the ‘Curiosity Seekers’ for they are the ones we can turn into ‘Buyers’.

A good ‘lead magnet’  could be a short report for an offer you’re promoting…whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

Curious or not, most will read it or at least, skim through it. Your job is to continue with value, like putting more wood on the “FIRE”.

I stated above:

‘List Building is like cutting
and burning wood for fuel.

Your business needs fuel
and that would be TRAFFIC…’

The more fuel you add, the more fire you’ll have
and the longer the fire stays alive.

Just Like Building Your List…You’ve got
to keep adding new people to your list of readers.

I covered 2 great ways to do that…affiliates and ad swaps.
Remember to look on Facebook and Skype for partners. And be sure
to check out


For Fun Side Note: Hey, when it comes to the ‘fire’ topic,
I’ve been cooking and heating with fire for most of my life:-)

My husband is a great fire builder too 🙂

– Is the Offer Helpful or is it Just for the Vendor?

Always ask that question, before you decide to buy or promote an offer. The main reason for that is…too often, an offer is setup to make bucks for the vendor.

But how do you know when you haven’t been inside to see? And sometimes, we may pass on a really good product, because of that.

So, I try to get free access from vendors, as an affiliate and when I can’t and am really impressed, I’ll make the purchase (or not), based on the following:

– Who is the creator? Is it someone I know or know about and/or purchased from before?

– How transparent is the sales copy? Learn to recognize ‘Blind Copy’ when you see it. If there are absolutely no clues of how the “thing” works and goes on about how awesome it is, that’s pretty ‘Blind’.

– What are other people saying? Sure, you can read the testimonials on the sales page, but I don’t put a whole lot of stock in that, unless I know the person testifying. Look in the Warrior Forum and Facebook groups…You can ask around in Skype, as well. Use your imagination.

– My pick for Value (as I see it) so far this year, 2017

Well, there hasn’t been much in the way of ”Helpful” to us marketers this year. But I haven’t seen it all, I’m sure.

However; “Hookum” did catch my attention. I bought it because, it was about an idea for getting buyers that I had just months before. Pretty cool and the bonuses are too. The training is clear and makes sense. Here’s my affiliate link for that.

There were others that I promoted but I’m featuring “Hookum” this time. It was the one that impressed me the most.  But, I have to say that I love VideoPal because of the fact that you can be a ‘Pal’ yourself rather than just using the characters in their gallery, which is great too. 

IDK, but you could click this link to see if it’s still active…not sure, so don’t hold it against me if it’s not:)  …Bonus Page!!!  to see, at the botttem of that page…Todd Gross as a VideoPal 🙂

– A few Resources

Aweber...(free trial) This is what I use and always will. They maintain the highest quality for your email marketing and anything you need to understand, they’ve got you covered.

BestDealPLR…($1 trial) You can get access to + 5000 products and can begin downloading immediately.

Safe-swaps…Perfect place to find ad swap partners, because marketers are monitored closely and there is a traffic filter applied with all your ad swaps.

Make Money Online – JV – WSO – Solos – AdSwaps – Giveaways – IM – Warriors…This is a great Facebook Group to get acquainted with ad swaps, solo ads and so forth…the name says it all.

Thank you and hopefully, the content of this newsletter helped out some.

Please let me know of your discoveries that may be helpful to others, for me to put in my next newsletter. And I hope you feel comfortable enough to ask questions or request clarity on the content herein.

Make it Work for You!

Karin Haworth  🙂